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Driving Sustainability Forward: EcoMobility's Innovative GPS Tracking Solutions

In a world where economic efficiency and environmental responsibility are no longer separate goals, EcoMobility stands at the forefront of change. We recognize the challenges that modern fleet management is facing – rising fuel costs, carbon emissions, and the need for stringent regulatory compliance. That’s why we’re committed to delivering solutions that not only solve these challenges but transform them into opportunities for growth. 

Live Map

Get more transparency into your fleet management. With Live Map, you can always track the location and status of your vehicles and assets. This information ensures efficient route planning, appropriate reaction in case of emergencies, and enables you to shorten your response times. Moreover, by providing customers with precise information about the estimated arrival of your drivers or services, you can improve your customer service and build trust.

Electrification Tool

Are you ready to take a step towards more sustainability and transition a part of your fleet to electric vehicles but don’t know where to start? Our Electrify feature will help you figure it out. It shows you which vehicles of your fleet are worth switching to electric vehicles based on accurate data like kilometers driven per day and type of vehicle. Let us guide you through your electric journey and save money by first converting the vehicles which make the most sense.

Admin App

With our Admin App, you can easily monitor your fleet and stay updated, no matter where you are. Track your vehicles, and check their real-time status and driving history, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Furthermore, our app provides you with comprehensive insights to optimize your operations and enhance efficiency.

Basic Reporting

Stay informed and get a daily snapshot of your fleet’s activities. Our easy and ready-to-use daily reports provide you with an immediate overview of the most important vehicle activities (e.g. start and stop times, trip duration). Essential data will help you manage your fleet efficiently and make informed decisions.

CO2 Report

With our CO2 report, you can track and analyze your vehicles’ CO2 emissions in real-time, helping you make data-driven decisions to reduce your environmental impact. By monitoring and optimizing your fleet’s carbon footprint, you not only contribute to a greener future and are able to comply with government regulations, but you can also save on fuel costs and improve operational efficiency.

EV Charging Report

Easily monitor the charge level of your electric vehicles in our system, ensuring that you never run out of power during your workday. The EV Charging feature shows you the real-time battery charge level and when it was last charged. This game-changing tool not only reduces range anxiety but also helps you plan your routes and charging stops more efficiently.


Increase safety for your employees and assets with our GeoFencing feature. By setting up GeoFences around specific locations (e.g. country borders), you can effectively monitor the movement of your assets. You will receive real-time alerts whenever your vehicles enter or exit that zone. This feature not only helps avoid theft but could also be integrated into your business processes.


With Alerts, stay informed about any relevant event happening in your fleet. You will receive a notification as soon something critical happens. For example, get notified by email or SMS when vehicles are moved outside working hours. You can also receive an alert when your vehicles arrive at or leave a jobsite. So lean back and focus on your business while our system does the monitoring.

Advanced Reporting

Dive deeper and get a detailed overview of your vehicle activities and valuable insights with our advanced reports. The comprehensive analyses provide you with all the information needed to manage your fleet efficiently and make smart business decisions. Furthermore, our reports facilitate your invoicing and payroll accounting.

Driver ID

If your vehicles are shared among employees, Driver ID helps you identify who is driving which vehicle. Designed to bring transparency and accountability to your operations, this feature assigns a unique identification tag to drivers, showing you which driver has a vehicle at any moment. Driver ID also allows you to collect valuable data on individual driving habits (e.g. speeding, harsh braking), fuel consumption and overall productivity.

Driver App

Our user-friendly app EcoDrive is a Driver Log Book app. EcoDrive simplifies logging your trips. Whether you're commuting to work, meeting clients, or running personal errands, our app accurately logs your journey with just a tap. This feature is perfect for professionals who need to separate business mileage for expense reports or tax deductions, as well as for individuals who want to monitor their personal travel patterns and expenses.

BLE Tags

Seamlessly track and manage your high-value business tools with our BLE Tags. Prevent loss, theft and costly delays finding or replacing tools by easily locating them at any time. Furthermore, this feature helps reduce careless handling of tools by your employees, thus also decreasing waste and wear.


The Tachograph feature revolutionizes what used to be a tedious process. It offers an instant and completely remote download of your digital tachograph and driver’s card. Get daily data of all driver and vehicle activities. The data is stored and archived in accordance with legal regulations. This feature helps you comply with legal working and rest times, thus increasing safety for your drivers and vehicles.