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About us


EcoMobility: Your Partner for Sustainable Fleet Management Solutions

Welcome to EcoMobility – your partner to the future of sustainable fleet management. We specialize in creating innovative solutions designed to optimize your fleet operations and drive your business towards a greener tomorrow.

EcoMobility's goals

At EcoMobility we have two primary goals:

Happy and engaged employees

Satisfied customers

We believe that happy and engaged employees are vital for innovation, product development and adding values to our customers that leads to satisfied customers.


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Driving for a greener tomorrow

To us Driving for a greener tomorrow means helping you drive your business in a greener way.

Less fuel

We help you spot your biggest fuel costs. Do your machines idle for 5 hours a day? Do some drivers do a lot of harsh braking? Get the insights to make a change.

Electrify your fleet

Get a data based insight into which vehicles you can advantageously replace with a similar electric. Based on the vehicle's history, you can see where it makes sense to switch.

Reduce emissions

Lowering fuel usage and changing to electric vehicles are not changes that are hard to implement, but the impact on your environmental footprint is extensive.

Insights create impact

Using your insights wisely can make a huge impact for the future. Real data insights can help you change your business to a greener player in the market.

Inclusive Collaboration

At EcoMobility, we understand that success is a collective effort. We embrace the philosophy of “We win as a team and we lose as a team,” recognizing that our team encompasses our dedicated employees, our valued customers, and our forward-thinking investors. Through open communication, constructive feedback, and unwavering teamwork, we aim to create an environment where everyone thrives, and success is shared. 


Insightful Progress

In our pursuit of excellence, we recognize that true progress stems from deep understanding. We are dedicated to gaining profound insights into how our telematics and tracking solutions not only benefit our esteemed customers but also contribute to the betterment of our environment. By fostering a comprehensive grasp of these connections, we pave the way for meaningful improvements that leave a lasting impact. 

Driving Impact

We understand that insights without action are like uncharted roads – they lead nowhere. Armed with insightful data from our telematics and tracking solutions, our team is empowered to drive real impact. This means identifying opportunities for enhancement with agility, making informed decisions with confidence, and witnessing desired results come to fruition faster than ever before. 

Join us on this transformative journey that blends innovation with sustainability. At EcoMobility, our values underscore everything we do, propelling us toward a future where inclusive collaboration, insightful progress, and impactful decisions create a better future for us all. Welcome to the realm of possibility where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change, and where our collective efforts pave the way for a greener tomorrow. 


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