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Digital transformation?
Automation for your fleet

Digitizing fleet management processes revolutionizes the way businesses operate and manage their vehicle fleet. By automating various aspects, such as vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, fuel monitoring and route planning, the need for manual, time-consuming tasks is eliminated. This reduces administrative burdens, streamlines workflows, and frees up valuable time for fleet managers and other personnel.  

Cost savings

Digitization and automation of fleet management lead to cost savings in various aspects.

Data-driven decision making

With digital solutions, businesses can obtain valuable insights into fleet performance, driver behavior, maintenance needs and fuel consumption, and make informed decisions based on this data.

Enhanced efficiency

By eliminating manual processes, businesses can operate more efficiently, reduce errors and focus on strategic tasks.


Increased operational costs?
We give you cost reporting

While major expenses may be easy to identify, it’s often the small factors that have a significant impact on overall costs. Factors such as excessive maintenance expenses can add up over time and significantly impact a company’s bottom line. We understand the importance of capturing and analyzing these seemingly minor details and therefore provide you with comprehensive costs reports.  

Cost visibility

With our accurate and up-to-date information on fuel consumption, maintenance cost, repairs, and other related expenses, businesses can gain better visibility into their cost structure.

Budgeting and forecasting

Cost reports are invaluable tools for budgeting and forecasting. By analyzing historical cost data, businesses can accurately estimate future expenses and allocate resources accordingly.


Business reporting?
Get a business overview

We provide comprehensive reports that offer valuable insights, helping you make data-driven decisions to enhance your business. These reports are designed to simplify the process of compiling and analyzing fleet data, which can often be time-consuming and challenging. By automating the data collection and analysis process, we give you accurate and up-to-date information.  

Centralized data

Our reports consolidate all relevant data into a single, centralized platform. This allows businesses a holistic overview of their fleet operations and performance.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Our reports provide key performance indicators such as mileage, driver performance, and fuel consumption, which can help businesses measure and track their progress.


Locating assets

Say goodbye to time wasted searching for misplaced tools or incurring unnecessary replacement costs. Our system provides you with a full overview of your assets and enables you to seamlessly track them at all times. This helps prevent loss, theft and also costly delays due to missing tools. The knowledge of always being able to locate any asset, also contributes to better handling of tools by your employees, thus decreasing waste and wear.  

Loss prevention

Locating tools helps prevent loss by ensuring they are always accounted for and in their designated locations.

Theft deterrence

The ability to locate tools serves as a powerful deterrent against theft. When employees and thieves know that tools are being tracked and monitored, they are less likely to attempt unauthorized use or theft.

Improved productivity

Always having the right tools and not spending time searching for them, reduces delays, minimizes downtime and allows for a smoother workflow.


Theft? We give you alerts

Protect your valuable assets with our advanced alert system. We offer you real-time alerts to help prevent theft. Receive instant notifications if a vehicle enters or exists a restricted area, or experiences unauthorized ignition. With these proactive alerts, you can take immediate action, notify authorities, and recover your assets. Stay one step ahead of potential theft.  

Early detection

Our alerts provide early detection of potential theft. By receiving instant notifications, businesses can quickly identify suspicious activities and take immediate action.

Timely response

Thanks to our alerts, you can respond promptly to theft attempts and notify authorities or dispatch personnel to the suspicious location. This timely response increases the chances of recovering stolen assets and apprehending the culprits.


Rising fuel costs? Route optimization

As prices at the pump continue to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage expenses while maintaining profitability. Our fleet management system can help you tackle that problem. It provides you with valuable insights to optimize your routes, thus saving time, fuel and money. Furthermore, information on driving behavior and vehicle usage can be used to reduce mileage and cut back on idle time.  

Increased efficiency

Identify the most efficient routes for your vehicles by considering factors such as distance, traffic patterns and road conditions.

Time savings

Optimized routes not only save fuel but also time. Improve delivery schedules, reduce unnecessary overtime, and enhance overall productivity.

Real-time adjustments

Real-time tracking and monitoring enable you to adapt to unexpected changes on the road, such as high traffic and road closures.


Government regulations? Sustainability reports and digital tachograph

As governments around the world continue to prioritize sustainability and set stringent regulations, businesses need to demonstrate their commitment and show proof of sustainable practices. Our sustainability reports provide data on your CO2 emissions and help you analyze this data in order to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Compliance with legal obligations

Sustainability reports enable businesses to comply with regulatory requirements and report the necessary data accurately.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Our reports help you identify areas for improvement and set targets to reduce your carbon footprint.

Car driving on road


Vehicle maintenance? Complete overview of your fleet

Stay ahead of costly repairs and breakdowns with a complete overview of your fleet and their maintenance dates. You will receive timely alerts for all scheduled maintenance or service dates, ensuring that you never miss them again. Maximize the lifespan of your fleet, reduce downtime, and ensure optimal performance.  

Costs savings

Proper maintenance prevents costly repairs and replacements.

More time for your business

Focus on your business and trust our system to notify you of any maintenance date.

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