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WinFleet Tracker – Privacy policy

WinFleet Tracker – Privacy policy

Use of WinFleet® applications (apps) is reserved to WinFleet® customers which have accepted the terms and conditions, including the WinFleet® data processing agreement, which are available online under the menu heading (§) „DSGVO / GDPR / RGPD‟ in the WinFleet® navigation bar (

The data controller is the end users’ employer organisation, a WinFleet® customer. The employer designates the end users authorised to download the WinFleet® apps as well as the WinFleet® system users, by providing them with the necessary access rights. The WinFleet® customer is responsible for the company’s use of the selected WinFleet® apps as well as the data processing connected thereto. EcoMobility S.à r.l., the developer of the WinFleet® apps, is a data processor – Kontakt – EcoMobility (de).

WinFleet® customer’s privacy policy applies to its data processing with the WinFleet® system, including its apps. In addition, end users are provided with the information below by the Winfleet® system developer, which is accessible at any time under the menu item “Data protection” within the relevant WinFleet® app.

Is information processed when downloading a WinFleet® app?

When downloading the WinFleet® apps, the necessary information is transferred to the App Store you have selected (e.g. Google Play Store or Apple App Store), i.e. in particular, your user name, e-mail address, customer account number, time of download and device ID. The app developer has no control over this and is not responsible for this data processing which is done under the exclusive control of the respective App Store.

What data is processed when using a WinFleet® app?

All WinFleet® apps

WinFleet® apps are fully integrated in the WinFleet® system.

Login details as well as support information relating to app use are processed for security and debugging and includes login name, username, device ID, framework of the mobile app, screen resolution, operating system (OS), telephone type, app version and configuration, IP address.

WinFleet® apps only work in combination with an up-to-date WinFleet® system account.

In addition, the following data will be processed, depending on the application used:

WinFleet® Tracker

WinFleet® Tracker enables an end user to use his/her mobile device to record activities into the WinFleet® system.

The operating mode is selected and activated by the WinFleet® customer.

If the Chronos mode is activated by the WinFleet® customer, the end user may send a start and an end timestamp and location data to the WinFleet® system by pressing the relevant button in the WinFleet® Tracker app.

If the tracking mode is activated by the WinFleet® customer and activated by the end user by pressing the Start button, the end user location, the speed and moving direction will be recorded and stored in the WinFleet® system, even if the application runs in background mode.

No location data will be recorded if the user is not logged in or if the tracking mode is disabled via Stop Button.

Purposes of the data processing

WinFleet® apps data is processed for the purposes defined in the employer’s privacy policy in relation to its use of the WinFleet® system, including the apps and is stored in accordance with the settings defined by your employer’s organisation, a WinFleet® customer.

End users must consent to download a specific WinFleet® app as well as to the processing of location data.

As an end user, you can revoke your consent to the data processing in the WinFleet® apps at any time by deactivating the app directly in the settings of your mobile device OS.

Data storage period

The WinFleet® customer defines the storage period of app users’ data through its chosen configurations in the WinFleet® system.

Processing infrastructure

All WinFleet® apps use a back end hosted on the data processor’s infrastructure.

Your rights

You may exercise your GDPR rights of information, access, rectification, deletion, restriction, or opposition by directly contacting your employer organisation’s data protection officer or other contact person at the WinFleet® customer, the data controller. You may also get in touch with the WinFleet® system developer at If, after having contacted the data controller, you believe your rights have been infringed, you may file a complaint with the national data protection supervisory authority.